Monday, August 13, 2012

Ilala Municipality launch its Magazine

His worship mayor Jerry giving a word to the attendee during the launching of sauti ya ilala
His Worship mayor Jerry Silaa opening the curtains to unveil the sauti ya ilala front page banner.
The 361 Tanzania Managing Director Mustafa Hasanali addressing to the attendee during the launch of Sauti ya Ilala. Ilala municipality is pushing tremendously to promote and publish her social, political and economical manifestation so as to enlighten the beauty, opportunities, talents and the governance of its welfare through different Mediums. This initiative has been propagated by re launching its flagship publication, Sauti ya Ilala, which was previously established in early 2005. The new Sauti ya Ilala magazine has been redesigned in terms of content such as Municipal news ,Business features, event pictorials, sports and entertainment and most important the directory for Ilala municipal offices which shows address and contacts of all officials. The magazine style is also revised to suit the contemporary need of readers in both English and Swahili. As the top facilitator and initiator of making Ilala the main gateway for the Tanzania economy His worship Mayor Jerry Silaa has embarked on making Ilala, downtown Dare s salaam into the most beautiful, cleanest and income generator in the region. Thus through the publication of this magazine, it shall be a good platform of demonstrating ILALA municipalities commercial and economic activities taking place and also thereby celebrating the achievements made by the people in this region. Speaking on the this initiatives the Ilala municipal public relation officer Ms.Tabu Shaibu said ‘The new Sauti ya Ilala will touch everybody’s life since the redesigned magazine has a new and very different taste and feel whereby people of diverse occupations, age and status will go through it and enjoy its content.” In Ilala municipality one shall come across Kariakoo which is the biggest market in Tanzania and the busiest place where huge volume of trade transpires from all over Tanzania and its neighboring countries. Ilala also is the home to Tanzania harbour, which is the main entry gate for all imports and exports in the region, The state house, big industries and various hotels that are all located within the Ilala municipality, for that reason Sauti ya Ilala has a lot to tell and reveal to many Tanzanian who are not aware of the resources, opportunities and activities taking place in this Municipality. “In this neo-era where by digital media has taken precedence, we aim at still maintaining the touch and feel of enjoying the Magazine most importantly for free, yet this publication will also be available online and via various social media,” Stated Mustafa Hassanali, Managing Director of 361 degrees, a media communication agency, which oversee the entire publication of Sauti ya Ilala. Thus the need of keeping with trending times, Sauti Ya Ilala is not confined only to the Municipality but also to that of the region and the country as a whole. This is a perfect platform to drive advertorial and editorial dissemination of information to the general public at large. “Sauti ya Ilala, A Bi-Monthly Magazine providing an insight into the sight, sounds and scenes of the Ilala Municipality is now being taken to new heights and we shall use this platform to inform, entertain, educate and enterprise all those living and working in my Ilala, Downtown Dar es salaam” Concluded His Worship the mayor, Hon, Jerry Silaa, Ilala Municipal Council (The story and Pictures by Seif Kabelele)

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