Friday, November 5, 2010

Swahili fashion week 2010

The opening day this year started with Manju Msita (Tanzania), Sonu Sharma (Kenya), Shelina Ebrahim (Tanzania/Canada) Malaria Haikubaliki (Tanzania - Various), Farha Sultan (Tanzania), Tanzania Mitindo House (Tanzania – Various), Kemi Kalikawe (Tanzania) and Asia Idarous (Tanzania) all showcased their creative flair and talent.

Sixteen female and six male models strutted the catwalk gracefully as everyone put their heads forward to catch the glimpse of the night highlights. The interlude by MCee of the event, BBA 1 contestant who is also SFW Fashion Advisory Board member appealed to people to take all necessary precautions against malaria as it is the number one killer disease than HIV/Aids scourge in Africa .

Also, Swahili Fashion Week Shopping Festival has commenced. Numerous colorful stalls have filled the Karimjee Hall gardens. Artisans, craftsmen and fashion designers from various parts of the country and within Africa have converged to offer a taste of their unique products from the multiplicity of places that they have come from

These are Diana Mageses' designes. She is the one who designed the Best national Costume from Tanzania, during the competition of Miss earth 2009. It was the first day of the festival.

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